Отдых в Беловежской пуще

Снять жильё в Беловежской пуще

Где остановиться с детьми

в Беловежской пуще.



+375 (33) 602 30 12 viber

e-mail: swetlana72.72@mail.ru

Accommodation cost

from 8 $  

(payment in rubles  )

 Children up to 14 years free of charge!

To remove, rent the house in Bialowieza Forest.

Rest in Bialowieza Forest

Only at us

certain houses on big, separate, the fenced territories;


without neighbors,  without owners.

Estate «Apple orchard»

kordinata GPS

width 52.57114345

longitude 23.62818539

Отдых в беловежской пуще



Estate «Fairy tale»

kordinata GPS

width 52.52654715

longitude 23.7175765

Отдых в Беловежской пуще

What we offer our guests:


  • houses are located it is isolated on the edge of the village (территория до 90 соток!)

  • усадьбы после капитальной реконструкции

  • modern bathroom, hot water

  • Owners of the estate live separately!

  • the house is leased  weigh, without sharing

  • we  we don’t take any mortgage payments

  • settling at any time (previously to coordinate with us).

  • the number of the paid days will be defined by the number of the nights lived in the estate, but not hours of arrival and departure

  • in territories big playgrounds



EXCURSIONS on the Brest fortress, across Brest and vicinities , а так же individual excursions on the closed reserved Bialowieza Forest on the guide-local historian’s transport


The program of excursions is selected individually taking into account interests and wishes of guests.



Rest in Bialowieza Forest 1

We feed you only with useful HOUSE products!




 Hire of electrobicycles


 and for the end… to fans of a national Belarusian alcoholic product… 🙂

Rest in Bialowieza Forest 2


Now and you, dear visitors, have an opportunity to taste «drink of pushchanskiya original»! 🙂 




Rest in Bialowieza Forest 3

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Rest in Bialowieza Forest 4


тел.: +375 (33) 602-30-12 viber

* You call please on weekdays and days off from 8:00 till 20:00 (on the Minsk time)

e-mail: swetlana72.72@mail.ru

login skype: Swetlana2497


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Снять дом в Беловежской пуще, отдых в пуще, аренда жилья. Наша агроусадьба — незабываемое место отдыха. Звоните сейчас, бронируйте места +375 (33) 602-30-12